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DevSamurai, Inc is an IT services firm based in Japan and APAC. We provide DevOps, system development services and solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI Chatbots to automate business and IT processes

We help customers to transform IT to next level with latest cloud computing platform, devops tools and best practices. Our team provide industry leading consulting expertise, service delivery, cutting edge products and solutions to all steps of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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Why we made Agile User Story Mapping for Jira

We had difficulties when prioritising hundreds of user stories in Jira flat backlog. We din’t know which of them are the highest value features are so that we can build them next. We don’t know who our apps are built for and their insights either. There was a need to have a tool to see the big picture of our product from the user’s perspectives

After reading User Story Mapping book written by Jeff Patton, we found what we need: A user story map.

There are a couple of standalone tools but we want something attached and works within Jira. Looking around Atlassian marketplace there are some plugins but after trying they all didn’t meet our needs. Therefore we decided to implement a new tool by ourselves, it was simple at first but closely implements the concept and suits our needs. After sharing the beta version we got a lots of feedback which encouraged us to invest more time and efforts to make it a complete product: Agile User Story Mapping for Jira

User Story Map for Jira

About Us

Devsamurai is Atlassian solution partner in Japan. We extend Atlassian products and implement applications to empower all teams worldwide. All our products are built and supported in our office in Japan.

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DevSamurai, Inc.
4F Shiroyama Trust Tower
Toranomon 4-3-1, Minato City
Tokyo, 105-6004 Japan

+81 50 362 78910      
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