Better product management in Jira

Visualize the product backlog, map related features and prioritize development tasks

Work for all scopes

User story maps associates with projects and also Jira Agile board to support mapping in multiple projects

Support and Customer Care

Fast and knowledgeable help from our in-house experts

Agile User Story Map big picture


Telling a visual story from user's perspective

Enable user story map in Jira, a visual model of a Product Backlog from the users perspective

A method of exploring product capabilities and features

DevSamurai Agile User Story Map - Big Picture

Discovery, learning and joint understanding

A tool for deliberate product discovery and learning.

A way of creating a shared understanding

A way to build consensus between teams

DevSamurai Agile User Story Map - Shared Understanding

Prioritisation and release management tool

A prioritization and release management tool

A visual representation of progress and scope

DevSamurai Agile User Story Map - Project Management

Product and Project roadmap

Visualize Jira Release/Sprint roadmap in an interactive view.

Plan Jira tasks in the Gantt-like roadmap

DevSamurai Agile User Story Map - Roadmap view



Client Testimonials

  • "I'm amazed, this is really perfect. Has all the functionalities around user story maps that I so far could only find among non-jira apps (e.g., adding a third level of goals, hiding and extending stories etc.). Totally unclear to me how it happend I missed this app when searching for user story mapping apps before. Keep up your good work!"

    Thomas John


    on Atlassian Marketplace

  • "I'm a kind of person that prefers visuals over text wherever possible and I find this app extremely useful and easy to use, apart from the obvious benefit of being able to get a high-level overview of how all the releases are designed."

    Anita Laughter


    on Atlassian Marketplace

  • "Great app, I can find all the features I need. The new roadmap feature is just beautiful. Support is very responsive. Highly recommend.”

    Paul Graham


    on Atlassian Marketplace


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10 Free
20 $25.00
50 $62.50
75 $93.75
100 $125.00
200 $200.00
500 $300.00
750 $362.50
1,000 $425.00
2,000 $525.00
5,000 $825.00
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10 $10
25 $300
50 $500
100 $800
250 $1,200
500 $1,500
2,000 $2,000
10,000 $3,000
10,000+ $3,500
Number of users Annual price
50 $500
100 $800
250 $1,500
500 $2,000
750 $2,250
1,000 $2,500
2,000 $2,750
3,000 $3,000
4,000 $3,250
5,000 $3,500
6,000 $3,500
7,000 $3,750
8,000 $3,750
9,000 $4,000
10,000 $4,250
11,000 $4,500
12,000 $4,500
13,000 $4,500
14,000 $4,500
15,000 $5,000
20,000 $5,000
25,000 $5,000
30,000 $5,000
35,000 $5,000
40,000 $5,000
45,000 $5,000
50,000 $5,000
Unlimited $5,000


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