Roadmap for Jira

Visualize project goals, activities, and assignments on a timeline with Roadmap by ProductGo

Roadmap ProductGo

Roadmap for Jira by ProductGo

Drag and Drop Tickets

Drag and drop issues across releases and issues from the Issues without Epics section. This provides users with a quick and easy way to update the roadmap and keep everyone informed about changes in priorities or progress.

Drag and Drop Tickets
ProductGo Plan tickets

Plan Tickets

Drag directly from the roadmap view to specify the start date and end date of any ticket. This feature will set estimates for each ticket, which can help with workload planning and tracking progress.


The Milestones feature in ProductGo’s roadmap provides users with a flexible and customizable set of tools for managing project milestones, with an intuitive interface for adding, editing, and deleting milestones, setting dates, and viewing associated tickets.

ProductGo Milestone

Roadmap with Jira fields

By mapping roadmap dates with Jira fields, teams can more easily manage their projects and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and deadlines. The ability to migrate data from Story Mapping’s app data to Jira fields data also makes it easier for teams to adopt ProductGo‘s roadmap feature and streamline their project management processes.